Here you can find the answers to some of our most asked questions.


How Do I Register To Become A Vendor/Seller On Squirrel Dog Auction?
Watch our video tutorial below on how you can register with Squirrel Dog Auction as one of our vendors/sellers, and start selling your dogs today!

How Do I List My Dog On Your Auction Site?
Watch our video tutorial below on how to list your dogs on Squirrel Dog Auction, and start selling your dogs today!

Who Do I Contact With Specific Questions Regarding An Auction?
If you have a question about a specific auction, you will need to contact the seller directly. You will see a button below the auction price that says “Inquiry.” Use this to communicate directly with the seller. Squirrel Dog Auction cannot answer questions related to specific auctions.
Does Squirrel Dog Auction Have Any Listing Fees?
No! Squirrel Dog Auction does not charge any listing fees to list your dogs for sale on our site. Create a Vendor (Sellers) account, and list your dog risk-free! See also Commissions.
What Are Your Commission Rates?
Squirrel Dog Auction charges a flat-rate 10% commission of the final auction selling price. If your auction does not have any buyers, you are not charged a commission fee. Additionally, a 3.5% credit card processing fee is deducted from your final sale. You are not charged any fees to withdraw your commissions. See also Listing Fees.
How Do I Receive Commissions?
Squirrel Dog Auction uses PayPal to payout commissions. You will need to set up a free PayPal account in order to receive any commissions earned from your auctions.

Once your PayPal account is set up, you can enter your email address registered with PayPal in the Seller Dashboard / Settings / Payment box.

After your auction has closed with the highest bidder and payment has been made, the order will process and your commissions will be immediately sent to your PayPal account on record. You can monitor all commissions and payouts in the Seller Dashboard / Payments area.

How Do You Ship/Deliver Your Dogs?
Buyers and sellers agree to pay all shipping and handling cost through separate agreement solely between buyers and sellers. Squirrel Dog Auction LLC assumes no responsibility for shipment or delivery or non-delivery of any dog purchased through this Site.

Buyers and Sellers are solely responsible to make arrangements for shipping and delivery of any dog purchased.  Shipping and Handling costs are the responsibility of the buyer and seller through a separate arrangement between themselves. 

SquirrelDogAuction.com assumes no cost or responsibility for shipment or delivery or non-delivery of any dog purchased through its site.  Squirrel Dog Auction LLC makes no recommendation regarding which dog hauler to use for transportation.  As a service to our customers, we provide a non- exclusive list of dog haulers that can be found here.

What Is Your Refund/Return Policy?
Each store may offer a unique or special refund or return policy. However, as a general rule, any returns, refunds, trial agreements, etc., are solely between the seller and the buyer.

Sellers who advertise and sell on SquirrelDogAuction.com site, as well as buyers of dogs, agree to the following refund policy.  Seller shall refund the purchase price and accept the return of any dog sold if the seller is notified by the buyer of a refund request and all the following conditions are met.  A refund shall be given by seller to buyer if:

  1. within 7 days of buyer receiving the dog is found to be seriously ill or dies of natural causes, and
  2. the illness or death of the dog is certified by a licensed veterinarian, and
  3. the buyer makes the request for refund within 30 days of receiving the dog by logging in to their account on SquirrelDogAuction.com under My Account under “Orders”, and
  4. the refund request is verified by the seller and Squirrel Dog Auction, and
  5. in the case of an ill dog, the seller has received his dog back from the buyer.

Buyer and seller are expected to honor this refund policy and buyer and seller assume all risks associated with the said return policy and Squirrel Dog Auction LLC will not intervene in any dispute between buyer and seller.

Any commission made by Squirrel Dog Auction will be refunded to the seller if a refund or return is initiated. For more detail regarding our return policy and refunds, read about it in our Terms.