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May 23, 2020

Getting Started

To get started as one of our Vendors/Sellers, you first need to create a Vendor account with Squirrel Dog Auction. You might want to watch this video tutorial on how this process works. 

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Become Verified

Becoming a Verified vendor gives the buyer assurances that you are a reputable, verified seller. To become verified, login to your Seller Dashboard / Home. Here you can update your user profile.

Verification has 3 steps: Address, Valid ID, and Social. Under Verification, you can upload a front copy of your driver’s license, list your address, and link a Facebook and/or Twitter account. Check the Prompt Verify box at the top and click Save.

Listing Fees & Commissions

There are no listing fees to add your dogs to our auction site, and you can add as many auctions as you wish. Squirrel Dog Auction charges a 10% Commission on all auctions that have a winning bid. The buyer pays Squirrel Dog Auction for the won auction (the sale), and Squirrel Dog Auction turns around and pays you the remaining balance of the sale. Payouts are quick (almost instant) and painless!

Since we are also the credit card processor, and dog sales are typically hundreds of dollars, if not more, we also charge a flat-rate 3.5% fee to process these online payments. This fee comes out of the total auction sale prior to being paid out to you, the vendor/seller. There are no fees taken for money sent from Squirrel Dog Auction to the vendor/seller. Our Vendors/Sellers receive a total of 86.5% of the purchase price of the dog (10% to Squirrel Dog Auction for Commission + 3.5% payment processing fee = 13.5%). You may keep this in mind when setting your auction price to get the full amount wanted for your dog.

Auction Descriptions

Keep in mind that potential buyers are interested in reading as much information about your dog as possible. Don’t hesitate to provide YouTube links of your dog in action, or other relevant videos, and any paperwork that proves pedigree or lineage. Be descriptive about the breed, sex, and anything else that is pertinent to your specific dog. Try to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and give details you would like to know if you were the one buying a dog!

Dog Hauling & Shipping

Squirrel Dog Auction does not facilitate dog hauling, neither is it held liable for any issues pertaining to dog hauling. We do have a list of potential dog haulers that you can contact and arrange hauling/shipment with them. Any agreement including payment of hauling is strictly between you and the dog hauler. Squirrel Dog Auction does not make any commission from dog haulers.

Some Vendors may offer to haul the dog to the buyer themselves as part of the original bid, or as an added fee. Others may offer local pickup. However you decide to transport your dog(s) to your prospective buyers is up to you.

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